Malte Kidde


Malte Kidde is a furniture architect. He had his break-through with the TV stand OP1.

During his studies at Aarhus School of Architecture, he was always drawn to Industrial design.
To how well-made, well-thought elements can make the every-day life of people easier and more enjoyable.

For the past many years Malte has been working with Electronics at a major Danish retailer, and thusly he has a great knowledge of electronics and their design. During an internship at Roon & Rahn Malte finally had the opportunity to develop his own ideas.

Education Schools

Art & Scetching

1 year of Self-paid training, and preparation for the School of Architecture. A Diploma is archived at the end of the year. 

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School of Architecture

Learning to develop new design skills and concepts, along with a set of 3D CAD programs.  

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Bussiness & Design

Learning to combine design and business to make your dreams and creation come true. 

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Guldborgvej 38
2000 Frederiksberg