OP1 tripod TV floor stand

The OP1 tripod TV stand, designed in beautiful oak tree by Malte Kidde, provides unmistakable stability and balance for your TV, and with the adjustable height, you can efficiently accommodate for the perfect perspective. 

Cables are hidden inside the hind leg of the stand, allowing free placement and direction of your flat screen, in an elegant and clutter-free manner.

OP1 is Danish designed and manufactured, made in soap-treated oak and fits all TVs with VESA mounting from 20-40 cm.

GIO Award 2017
- Good industrial Design


Back to the roots

The idea of OP1 arise from a wish of taking the way we embed our TV in our interior design today back to its roots.

Through the years the design development of the television has gone from incorporating the TV as a part of the living room interior to making it almost “invisible”.

In a teamup with the dutch company Vogel’s we created a new era for TV, where TV is yet back at its original place as a beautiful well-crafted furniture.

Go to http://vogels.com/op
For more information and shop location.

The wedge

Most noteworthy the Op1 has many great details. First of all, OP1 includes a wooden wedge holding the joints of the TV furniture together.

Not only for the sake of aesthetics but especially for creating a great security.

Cable well hidden

Along the rear leg there is a cable shield that hides the cables. The cover also ensures that the TV doesn’t tip over if someone’s tripping over the cable.

Adjustable height

The OP1 TV stand has an adjustable height that makes it suitable for different models. The height adjustment also makes it possible to place a soundbar under the TV, such as Sonos.


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