AURAL is a modern classic, with audio in mind. Made of solid oak to stiffen the cabinet, and small breathing vents for your AV equipment, to ensure greater sound and cooling for your receiver.

The AURAL is made of European solid light oak and handcrafted by an experienced carpenter in Copenhagen. Every corner is well though through, to unsure balance in the design, but as well ensuring the sound from the speaker, only bounce around soft and round corners.  

Breath sound

AURAL was created with sound in mind.  Special vents was created in the back. The vents ensure breathing, and the hot air can be pulled out, when you receiver is stretching its legs.
The vents are also for made for your cables input. No silly holes or afterthoughts was made.
The long vents has rounded corners for best sound spread, and is large enough for your base to pass through.  

Aural or Audio-Rack-Large. 
A simple though where audio and design meet up in symphony, and where audio techniques are integrated in the design from the beginning. The rack is stiff and heavy, what some audio enthusiast love, thought it is not for the highest performance setups, but is an acceptable furniture for both your Livingroom and your beloved Hifi.  

Tradition and sound

If you know speaker stands for bookshelves speakers, then you have surely also seen some shiny spikes to place them securely on. It is not only for visual. It is a smart little method to either decuple or dampen the vibration from the speakers, to give your speakers the best options for sound. Here it is also a part of the design. They ensure the sideboard is standing level and gives a nice touch to the overall design. And if you have an LP player placed on top, then is should always be in level for best performance.

More designs

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